Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hematologist and Napro Dr visit.

Okay so I am taking a break from my vacation story. Last night I wrote a post about the next day and then blogger malfunctioned and I lost it. I thought I could get the whole vacation story done first, but I have had some TTC updates that I want to share. I will continue with the vacation story another day. Writing about that trip makes me so happy. It reminds me that life does not have to revolve around us apt and taking meds.

Last week I saw a hematologist for the first time. I made the appointment last month. I was nervous that she would think the blood clotting issues and if link was bogus. She was great. She knew all about lovenox and said it was safe to use. She has many pregnant patients on it. She wants to monitor my CBC monthly to make sure my platelets do not go too low. She also said to take extra calcium bc lovenox can cause osteoporosis. She has a lab in her office. She took my blood. Then I walked down the hall and she already had the results. I was amazed. My levels were great so she cleared me to start. I was so excited that she was nice and on board. She said she would be happy to be part of my team.

Yesterday I traveled to see my napro dr. His office is 3 hours away. I speak to him often on the phone, but I had not seen him in person for a year.  I also needed to get the some tests done with a uterine biopsy. He said I could do it locally.  I do not trust a non napro dr as much as I trust him so  I thought it might be a good idea to visit. He recently moved into a new office space. It was very nice. Everyone who works in his office was very nice.The first thing I got done, was an us. At my local clinic, they said they saw something on my ovary. I wanted a second opinion from someone who I can trust. So I had TCIE scan me. It was great to finally meet her. I was a little shy bc I read her blog and meeting her was like meeting a celebrity. She was very thorough and kind. It turns out that they were correct. I do have some endo regrowth on my ovary. It has been 1.5 years since my surgery and I knew that it would come back someday. I am just very thankful that God gave me two ovaries bc my left one is still clean. I am also thankful that my fibroids did not grow back. She said my uterus was moving and then the dr said that was great bc it meant it was not stuck to anything with adhesions. Yeah!

Then came the biopsy. I was worried about how much this was going to hurt. My dr is so gentle that he takes his time and tries to make sure he is not hurting you if possible. I have been to many drs and some of them will just get rough bc they rush. It was not too bad. Crampy but not sharp pain. This got sent out to check for all sorts of things.

At this point I got the green light to start the lovenox next month. I feel like I am getting ready to go into battle. I had the summer off from US apts and any real expectation of TTC. Now next month I am getting back into the game. It was nice not having any expectations. Now I am scared to try again.

Starting next cycle on CD6, I will take a shot of lovenox daily and then add a shot of neupogen around peak. UGH but I can do this. I am going to try this for 3-6 months if I can stand it. If this does not work, I have nothing left. But that is what I said last Nov. Last Nov, I had nothing left to try and my LUFS was really bad. Now almost a year later, I found out about my high NK cells and my blood clotting.


  1. You can TOTALLY do this! This is awesome progress! I'm so hopeful for you.

  2. I'm so excited for you that you have a plan. I'm hopeful the treatment plan will work!

    Now you can add a button to your side bar saying you've been wanded by TCIE!

  3. Yes, I am wondering where your snazzy button is??! ;)

    It was SO great to finally meet you! And I didn't realize you were on the Dr Kwak protocols now - best of luck with that!! I still have a ton of leftover Lovenox (60mLs) left if you find yourself in a pinch (pun intended).

  4. Hoping that this is the key! Prayers for a successful next cycle!!!

  5. Thanks everyone for the pep talk. I am having some work drama right now and wonder about how I am going to do it. But, I think I am just nervous about getting back on the horse after falling off way too many times.
    TCIE:Thanks for the great care. Where do I get a snazzy button? I have earned it and I would love to get one. I am on a combo protocol. Dr.B has been really great about allowing me to do my research and then discuss with him what is safe to do. I am following Dr. Beer who is similar to Dr. KK. Thanks for the offer. I will keep you in mind if needed. I got my first batch last month before I needed so that I could order the refill this month and always have one month ahead. I have learned that mail order meds can take awhile.


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