Monday, November 7, 2011

CD13 Follie Check Nov 2011

Last week I went in to get my Vit D retested. I had it tested in August and it came back low around 24. It should be around 60. So I started supplements. It takes a few months to get the levels to go up in your system. I hope that I have been taking enough. We will soon find out. I was going to get my folate tested, becuase I have been supplementing that also, but then I read on labcorp's website that you cannot take folic acid for a few days before the test. I am going back in a few days to get that done.

I ordered more neupgoen on Fri and they said it would arrive on Saturday. Well, I forgot about it until late Sat night when it did not arrive. I freaked out and called the late night call service. They said that it was shipped to my office and since nobody was there Fed ex took it back on the truck. I told him that this was shipped on ice. Today it finally arrived at my job and to my happy surprise it was still cold. In fact the ice pack was still partially frozen. I was so relieved becuase I did not want to have to deal with trying to return it etc.

Today is CD 13. I went in to check on my follie. I was not sure what to expect. I have had some CM but not a ton and my OPK seems faint but I am not sure.  I requested my new favorite nurse C for the second time. She was  great last time, so I thought I would try her again. She came in and immediately went to check her notes from last time and was right up to speed. She said that they went to a seminar about using lupron for a trigger. She remembered that I was taking it. She said that they told her that some women need to also add a tiny amount of HCG to it. I said that stuff makes mine grow and thankfully the lupron works on its own for me. She also said the lupron dosage depends on your weight.  I was told to take a certain amount and did not know that the amount was calculated based on weight. Now I have another reason why I love this nurse.

Then she did the US and she really took her time. I love that. I had one nice plump 19mm follie on my left. I am so happy. Then the best part came. I was not expecting her to say this. She starts to tell me that my lining is beautiful. It was 10 (mm I think) I have always been told that it was nice, but she got so excited about it. She said it had a triple layer to it. She is so upbeat and happy that it gives me hope that I can do this. Why not? I have a great lining and a great follie brewing. My CM has not been the best ever but I still have it. I took some mucinex and started making myself drink more water.

I am going to take the neupgen tonight and the lupron trigger tomorrow. Then I will continue with the blood thinners and add neupogen/progesterone post peak.

Oh Man another 2ww is coming soon. I am going to try to remain calm and stay off the radar at work. I do not need any drama.


  1. What a relief that your meds were still on ice after the weekend! Wow! That's some amazing packaging!

  2. Glad the meds arrived safe and sound - prayers for a peaceful 2 ww that results in a BFP!

  3. Wow, a nurse that is knowledgeable AND kind! What a blessing!

    I NEVER had good CM when we were trying to conceive Dominic. I was sooo dry all the time. But alas! So, it can happen! Praying so hard that this is a blessed cycle for you!

  4. Yes the ice pack is called nordic ice and it is great. I save them from the shipments and they stay cold for hours. They shipped it in a foam box which helped. I have so many that I started to give them away.
    Thanks for the encouragement about the cm. It is hard to try to control all the variables. It is like a giant juggling act.

  5. I'm just starting the 2ww, myself.

    What is the neupgen for? I never heard of it. (Of course I'm going to go google it now, but wanted to see what your Drs told you was the goal of it. So often fertility meds are used off-label.)

    Glad to hear about a good u/s! (Always!)

  6. TCIE: I think you have mentioned before too about what the pharmacist must think about all the different types of med we all take. Neupogen is typically used for cancer patients going through chemo. Chemo lowers the white blood cell count and neupogen raises it back up. I am taking it for two reasons. One if for my LUFS> THere is a study in japan about using GCSF which is neupogen to treat LUFS. In fact Dr. Hilgers is now using neupogen for this. It is given before the trigger. It is supposes to thin the follicle wall and make it easier to pop. THen I also take it post peak to lower my NK cells. It is an injectable med. I am very lucky that my insur covers it bc many women have said they don;t and it is pricy.

  7. I'm glad your meds arrived ok, although I'm sure it was stressful wondering where they were.
    I really hope this month is when everything lines up perfectly for you! Second Chances really give me hope b/c my CM isn't very good at all either.


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