Monday, May 21, 2012

Back from the Wizard

Today I got back from my big apt with with wizard or more like the man behind the curtain..............

Before I get into that. I had to go to an event at school tonight. At the end you have to stand by your room and greet the parents. Well, my coworker ignored me as usual. I decided that since she wrote in her last email that I misread her body language,  there should be no issue. I made two comments and she ignored me. Then I walked over to her and said that I was leaving and that I hope she has a good night etc. She turned to me and spoke. I could tell that she did not want to. I am going to make her talk to me. I am not going to let her intimidate me anymore.
I am sad to report that this was a huge disappointment. I am glad that I went though bc if I hadn't then I would have been playing the what if game and regretted not going. We get there and there is nobody in the waiting room but us. Then I see many women come out but none go in. We waited for an hour. My DH goes up and asks about the ETA etc.

We finally go in and I see the packet I sent him on his desk. He says something about just getting it. REALLY??? I'm sure he got it a few days ago. I asked him if he read it, he said no. Then he asked me to  tell him what's been going on. I asked again if he read my report he said no, just tell me. OMG My heart starts to beat, I turn to my DH and say, "I don't know what to say" At this point I am stunned that he could not take 5 min to read it before I walked in. OMG OMG. OMG. At this point my DH sees my face and jumps in. He asked him to take 5 min to read it now. Which he did.

He reads through it, but at this point I'm not sure how deep bc he gave me the same diagnosis and basically the same treatment plan that he did last year. REALLY????? This makes me think that his treatment plans are more generic than I thought. Maybe he did not read over my report bc he knew what he wanted to recommend no matter what was wrong with me personally.

He said that my main problem is endometriosis and that is causing poor egg quality. He said that Endo also attacks sperm so it cannot fertilize the egg. Of course if I did IVF then he could test this hypothesis and help me out....................OMG REALLY? I had already made it very clear that I was not interested in that.

In fact, he suggested that I stop all the immune treatments and just by some fancy supplements that "are only 60 a bottle". He said that he does not make any money off of them, but it felt like he was making a sales pitch. He also recommended that I take melatonin for my poor eggs. I am not sure about that. I have to do my research first.

He saw one weird thing in my report. There is a test called a LAD and it measures your body's immune reaction to your husband's. We both got our blood drawn and they mix it. I had a good result. He said that since I have never been pregnant I should not have that result. He thinks it means I have some other immune disorder. Then he said there is a new test coming out next month that could give some more info on this LAD mystery.

He also suggested that my DH and I get our HLA matches tested. I had never bothered bc I was already taking neupogen and that is the treatment for matches. So there could be a breakthrough with these new tests or this could all be nothing.

He was much nicer in person than he was on the phone. He did spend almost an hour speaking with us. He  answered all of our questions. I am disappointed that he did not take the time to read over my report and really spend some time thinking about how to help me.

After we left, I got thinking about how they would charge me another 350 to go over the test results. My DH came to the rescue again. He asked at the front desk about the charge. Megan, the nice woman at the front  told him that it would be covered bc he would just call me quickly to read the result. My DH asked them to put it in writing and she did!!!! Then she said to call asap to make an apt bc they are already booking for June.  Even though it was a major hassle to drive down there with the traffic and pouring rain I am much happier with my service in person.

I am not sure what to do. I don't agree with stopping the immune treatments and just taking supplements. If it was just poor egg quality I think I would have gotten pg at least once in 5 years. Once I left, I felt so defeated and wanted to just cry and give up. He made it sound like the endo was a death sentence to my eggs. I had a long car ride home to think it over. I guess I have to wait and see what these next two tests reveal.


  1. I'm sorry the appointment was a disappointment. It's hard navigating the medical world. I would have been very upset too if I had gone through all that work to compile information and the doctor did not read it. I'm praying for you and that you find the answers and treatment you need.

  2. What a frustrating appointment! I have felt the same after so many doctors visit. Honestly, why couldn't he take a few minutes to review what you sent him?

    Continued prayers for you!

  3. Ugh :( I had a similar bad appt like that with Dr C.heck, after he came so highly recommended by someone whose paperwork he apparently spent hours poring through. Not mine ;) I guess we're just "too" difficult for some of these ego Drs.
    Endo's not a death sentence, but for Drs who want your $$ for IVF, they will use it as such, I've noticed. That, and blocked tubes. I can't tell you how many times I had to hear about my blocked tubes being an absolute need for IVF... and this is after an RE read the report that said THE TUBES HAD BEEN UNBLOCKED at surgery!!

  4. Your doctor wanted you to tell him what was going on?!?!? There would be SO much more info in the reports and paperwork than from you! I can never think and say everything on the spot that I want to. Ever.
    I wouldn't agree with stopping your treatments and just doing supplements. Why wouldn't he tell you to do those in the first place w/o all the treatments you've been doing? Sheesh!
    At my workplace, men are afraid of tears. Maybe next time let your frustration show that way. How disappointing that he didn't have any new ideas. I hope you'll pursue the two tests he recommended and let us know how those go.

  5. I feel like this MD had other motives to bring you down so much--maybe he thought you would opt for IVF or something- regardless- dont give up hope!
    I am so sorry and hope you are feeling a bit better today- sending you prayers!


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