Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Thanks

My work situation has greatly improved since the start of the school year when I had a melt down. I am relieved that the drama storm has died down. I now am able to get along with all of those who were involved.

Now that I feel more comfortable with that, I have more mental energy to focus on another situation. My school has it set up so that teachers who share the same kids have rooms near each other and meet to discuss their students etc.

Well my teacher is not very nice to me. We have worked together for about 5 years and this is the third time that she has decided to stop talking to me. When she speaks to me we actually work well together. It is a weird situation. I try to just do my job in peace and not let it get to me. She has not spoken to me all year except when we are in front of the boss, she wants something from me, she wants to complain about a parent or student, or someone complained about her and she wants me to help her out.

I have kept it professional. I have not done anything mean, or said anything mean. In fact, the few times she has spoken to me I have always spoken back.

Well lately she has upped the hostility level and yesterday I had enough. Last week she gave me forms to be filled out by the end of May. Yesterday, she came into my room and started to harass me about filling them out out a week early. She demanded that she get them by the next day etc. I reminded her of the deadline and told her that she would get them on time, but she kept arguing with me about it. After she left, I was shaking and I had to hold back the tears. I went down the hall and confided in some nice teachers. They told me that I am allowing her to get away with it.

I drafted a letter and had another teacher read it. I kept it to the point. I kept the emotion out of it. I summarized what she did and explained how I felt when she spoke to me. At the end, I requested that she speak to me in a respectful tone. I mentioned that I wanted to solve this conflict peacefully and move on.

OMG I could not believe I sent that. I also made sure to CC someone important so she knew I meant business. I am going to document her behavior from now on. Maybe she will get the hint if I start sending her emails.....

I waited for her reply. Nothing..................

Then my boss stops by the next day and gives me a large box of markers and asked me to share them with her. I took out half and left the box on her desk with a note explaining that they came from the boss and this is her share.

After lunch, I came back and saw the box on my desk with a post it that said "No thanks" I had to include the photo bc I cannot believe it,

So I just scored some more free markers and I think she is going to leave me alone for now.

I am laughing right now looking at that note. Does she think that she punished me by not accepting the markers from our boss???

I emailed a copy of the photo to my work account just in case she tries to say that I did not give her the markers. 


  1. Your co-worker just sounds ridiculous! I hope that you can ride it out til the end of the school year!

  2. Oh, my goodness! (Sounds like that poor soul needs a LOT of prayers.) Take care and keep your chin up, k?? The end of the school year is right around the corner!


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