Sunday, May 13, 2012

Off to See The Wizard

Next week I am finally going down to NYC to meet the famous Dr. Braverman. I made the apt two months ago. I had been his patient last year but  I always spoke to him on the phone. He is smart, but his office is overwhelmed with patients. I always felt rushed on the phone. This time my DH is going with me to make sure things go well. I also have my large binder full of test results and notes to bring.

I started to look back into my files and I could not believe that it has been a year since I last spoke to him. I left last May bc he doubled his price on me without warning. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise bc I met Karen Pace who is an immune consultant. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her. She ran 20 tests on me that he never did. It was because of her that I discovered my blood clotting issues and vit d deficiency.

I gathered all of my test results and I made a 7 page packet to send him in the mail. I figured that he needed to be reminded of my old issues and updated on my new tests. I made sure to use bullets or tables since he is always in a hurry. I decided to mail it today so that he would get it a few days before my apt. I put it in a large envelope and wrote on it. Please review before our apt on May 21. I might email him a copy the night before.

I am not sure what I will gain, but he is the one who came up with the miracle treatment for my lufs which was to use a lupron trigger. Who knows what tricks he will have up his sleeve this time.

We are going to drive down the night before and stay in a hotel. We have an early apt the next day. Then we will drive back that day. My husband started to look for hotels. He told me that he found one that had themed rooms. I started to get nervous. He said they looked really cool except...............they rent by the hour........OMG so that is not for us.........After the experience in Georgia with that crazy hotel, we are more cautious now.


  1. Good luck at your appointment!

  2. Themed rooms ... oh my! It would be a memorable trip! :-)
    Good luck at your Dr. Appointment! I think its awesome that you are so proactive and having all your files & documentation ready. It helps things not get overlooked.


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