Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update on the coworker drama

The next day after she returned the markers, she walked into my room and stood next to me. She spoke to me in a normal tone. She was very nice to me and said that our boss wanted us to fill out a paper on one of our students together. She asked me to meet in her room last period. I agreed. The whole thing was way too nice. Then it hit me that maybe she was setting me up to ambush me in her room. I decided that I would give her the chance to be nice. I also decided that if she started anything I would walk away.

I went to her room and we filled out this form together. The whole thing was pleasant and you would think that we were bffs. After we were done there was an awkward silence. So I just said thanks and left. After that I thought that maybe she was turning over a new leaf.

At the end of the day I saw and email from her. She basically accused me of reading her body language wrong. Now wait, she did not say anything like I am sorry that you felt that way...... I did not mean that.....maybe you misread me....No, she said she had witnesses in her room (her niece) and that I had a similar incident in the fall with another coworker etc. She said that she was only trying to remind me to get this done on time and that I was the one who was confrontational.

Really??? Whatever. I know what she did. Coming into someone's room and standing by the door making demands is not nice. I know that she is only trying to cover her butt.  I am not going to take her crap anymore. I am not replying to that email. She had her chance to respond and it is over.

I am just going to call her out every time she is hostile towards me. I am not the only one in the school that she is mean to. I know of at least 5 others.

 It has taken me a while to realize that it is her problem and not mine. It feels so good to finally stand up to her.


  1. This woman sounds crazy! You are so good to rise above her behaviour!

  2. Crazy is right! I guess that woman will never turn over a new leaf and be a nice person ... which is too bad. You are definitely trying to be nice!


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