Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mystery Smell

Today I had to get home early because a friend of mine and her husband were coming over to take measurements in my bathroom. He is very handy and is going to build a cabinet for our sink. I was so excited because right now there is just a top that is probably the original from 30 years ago. I tried to replace it before but the size is weird and you cannot just buy a top that size. They wanted lots of money to custom build it. So when my friend offered to build one I was thrilled.

I came come and started to clean. I smelled rotten garbage, so the first thing I did was take it out and light some candles. I went upstairs to clean the bathroom that was getting looked at. Then I went downstairs and kept cleaning. I still noticed a horrible funky smell. I was so embarrassed. I opened up all the windows. I checked everything that it could be like the kitchen sink, the fridge etc. I could  not find the source.

I started to clean over by my DH's side of the couch. He had wrappers and bags of chips etc. I saw some old nacho cheese and thought could this be it? Then I saw it. My husband has been working on some small craft project that involves something like a clay model and hobby paint.

OMG I saw an open  can of paint on my NEW carpet. Not only  had it oozed out of the jar onto the floor, it also splattered all over in multiple places like 3 feet away. I almost fainted. It looked like a crime scene except it was silver and not red. I took some photos and called my DH to yell at him.We saved up for a long time to replace that carpet. We are trying to spruce up the house and sell it. When I saw that my new carpet was ruined I freaked out.

The paint smelled like rotten garbage. I asked him why his paint was all over the floor and how he did not notice the smell. etc. He tells me that it must have exploded.............He said that when he bought it, it had a weird smell. Then he noticed the bottom was sticking out...........REALLY? UGH

It was a small plastic can like a frosting can and the top popped off and the paint shot out and splattered all over. I freaked out. Then I took some more photos in case I had to sue them.........I started to scoop up the large pile of cheesy looking paint. I could not stand the smell so I took it outside.

Oh and don't forget that my friend is due to come over any second. So I call my DH again and yell at him some more because some of the paint has already dried. There are huge spots of silver and gray on my tan carpet. He gets home and calls the company. They tell him that this is water based and should wash out. He also tells my DH that...........oh yeah they sometimes explode but it is rare. WHAT? REALLY? They sometimes explode. Don't you think you would put a warning label on it?

My friend arrives and I tell her the story. At this point, my DH is scrubbing the carpet. I go upstairs to go look at the sink.

Thankfully it looks like it came out. It is hard to tell bc there are now large wet spots but I don't think I see any silver.

I was so mad and my DH kept saying "How would I know that it would explode?" I said "your paint should not have been left on the carpet."


  1. Crazy! Glad the paint seemed to come off the carpet. It's a good thing it didn't explode on top of someone - I'm sure THAT would force them to put a warning label on there!

  2. I would have been SO upset too! Who leaves paint sitting direct on carpet? Men. Sounds like something my DH would do too :-)
    I hope it's come out of your carpet ok!

  3. I was actually getting piping mad just reading this ;)

  4. Yikes! That was some crazy paint if it exploded all over your carpet! Good thing it was water-based though! Did you have to bleach your carpet? Or did it come right off with soap? Hopefully your DH has learned to not leave the paint where it shouldn’t be.

  5. I would freak out too if I saw paint stains on my carpet! Didn’t your DH know the consequences of putting the can of paint on your carpet? Anyway, there’s always a first. Just be thankful that it is water-based; some brushing will remove the stain away.

  6. I guess you have to be open to certain possibilities. Though your DH didn't expect that it would explode, you should've stored the paint in a proper place. Make sure that they're not on the carpets. Hehe! However, if you accidentally poured paint on your carpet, you can get carpet cleaners to handle the situation.

    Chastity @ My Home


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