Thursday, May 24, 2012

2nd Blogiversary

I created this blog two years ago.  I am giving away a prize to one lucky reader.  
Please leave me a comment to enter the contest.

I would like to know more about my readers. You may leave me an anonymous comment if you are shy.

Can you please tell me 
  • about how long you have been reading my blog
  • what you like about my blog
  • how you found my blog
  • something about yourself
  • anything else you want to say
Here are my cumulative blogger stats since 2010

Page Views: 39,303             Followers: 24
Top 5 Most popular Posts Listed by Page Views 
   873    3 updates in one post
   706    New Article: Gianna Center 

Top 5 Most popular Pages Listed by Page Views
1,335  My TTC Summary
    964    Napro FAQ
    507    Reproductive Immunology

Audience Listed by Page Views
 United States 24,305
 United Kingdom 1,858
 India 1,539
Canada 1,528
 Russia 1,189
 Australia  883
 Ireland    596
Germany 517
Ukraine   212
 France   154


  1. I liked your description of LUFS, it is hard to find much about it!

  2. 1) How long I've been reading? .... maybe a year or more after I discovered the ONLINE Catholic Infertility community. YAY!!! I feel at home!
    2) I like both the medical info (you're so knowledgeable) and also hearing about YOU! Plus the updates on things like the Gianna Center, etc. So basically ... EVERYTHING! :-)
    3) How I found your blog? I'm not sure. I started with Sew's blog, then blog hopped though her blog list and found you. It was kinda random, but I'm glad I did!
    4) Something about me: I have 4 cats. I LOVE them! I am a total Cat-Lady if there was one ... only with 4, not 400! :-) And I have about 10 nicknames for each cat. :-)
    5) Something else to say? Keep Blogging! :-) Hooray for your 2 Year Blog-o-Versary!!!


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