Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update CD9 May 2012

The  (4.5 hours over 3 days) math test is over. What a hassle. My students worked very hard and I am so proud of them. I have no idea how they did score wise, since they change the amount you have to get right every year. This year they also embedded field test questions into the test, so some of the questions do not even count. The results are supposed to be back in June.

Last week in the afternoon of each test day I had a different reward for great test taking behavior. We planted seeds, made playdough and had game time. The playdough was a big hit. It is amazing to see kids who are so high tech all day fall in love with something simple like playdough. It was easy to make and it came out really soft and smooth just like the real thing.We used unsweetened koolaid to color it.

Since last week was the test, my schedule was all crazy. I was supposed to go in for a baseline US but could not. This week I went in on CD8. I figured better late than never. I am very happy to report that my ovary behaved last month. I did not have a cyst!!! This is a huge victory for me. The lupron trigger works like magic. We saw two follicles on the left forming. Most likely only one will be the dominant one. I go back on Friday to check out their progress.

I had some immune tests run last week. I had natural killer cells and cytokines. This was the first time I had the immune tests run while on lovenox, neupogen, and piroxicam. The results were interesting. I have an appointment with my immune consultant next week. The big surprise was my TNF. It has always been in the 20s and under 30 is normal. This time it was 11. So something lowered it. Then my NK came down, but not as much as the last time. That was a bummer. The normal range is 15 or under. Mine only came down to 16.8 so I do not know if that is close enough or a big deal.

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  1. I'm sure your students did fine on their test! I love the activities that you had planned for them!

    Your results sound so positive! I hope that your appointment with your immune consultant goes well!


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