Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inspired to Sew Again

Today I get to start a new sewing project. I am so excited bc I have not felt like sewing in a long time. Last summer I made a bunch of dresses to send to Africa but I have not sewn anything this summer.

A few months ago we got rid of two really heavy old wood doors on tracks in my closet. The closest is large but you could not access the whole thing with those stupid doors. After we removed them I decided that I was done with doors and I wanted to do curtains instead. I measured the closet and my  window so I could find fabric to match or coordinate.

Well it turns out that I would need about 6 yards of fabric. I went to the fabric store and the good stuff is about 10 dollars a yard. I thought about going to walmart but I knew I would regret it. Then I thought about sheets. If I got a queen or King it would fit but I couldn't find anything with a pattern on it that I liked.  I gave up the search for awhile.

Then yesterday I started to search again. Eureka! I found something at a college site. The sheets are extra long so I get more fabric. The sheets have a  white background with a black, purple, and aqua pattern. I got one of the print and one aqua to coordinate. The aqua is really a light blue.

Then it came in the mail  today. I am so happy. They look nice with my pale yellow walls. I love colors. The print is going in my closet with some aqua trim. The aqua is going on the windows with some print for a top trim. I opened up the package and started to pin the sheets up on the rods. Now I have to measure, cut, sew, etc.

It will probably take me a week or two bc I will want to make it perfect. I am happy to have something fun to focus on. I love creating stuff.  Here is  what the pattern looks like.
  Sheet Set (3-piece)


  1. Love, love, love the fabric you picked! I bet it will look fabulous with yellow. Will you post pictures when it's done? I can't wait to see it.

    1. Thanks so much. It took me months to find it. Yes I will post some pics when it's done.

  2. That's a pretty design! I have a pair of unfinished pajama pants that I started sewing over 5 years ago... I should finish them. I can relate to what you said about loving creating stuff... It feels very nice to do something creative, and since the IF "started," it's almost like therapy for me.

  3. Looks AWESOME! Before and after photos? I'd love to get inspired!


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