Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Head is Still Spinning

My head is still spinning from that last test result. Of all the people in the world that I could end up marrying I have to find someone whose immune system matches mine. UGH The crazy thing is that my dh grew up about 3 hours from where I grew up. We met in college and then I moved up here. I know that there is nothing that I could have done bc there is no way to tell. There is no fault we did nothing wrong. It was just chance.

It does bring me some peace to know that the main issue is shared between us. I have always felt guilty about not being able to give him children.

I  created a packet of info to send to my napro dr. I  can only imagine what he will think. I almost did not believe it myself. I copied a chapter from Dr. Beer's book to send with my lab report.

The RI said to give the neupogen two more months. This is my fourth perfect cycle in a row on neupogen and I think I am done at the end of this cycle. My LDN arrived in the mail so I am going to try that for a few months starting next month.

My cycle has been textbook again this month. I am just at peak day. I went in for my us and had a nice 18 mm follie and took my trigger.

My favorite nurse C was there and she asked me if I was mad at her bc she did not see me last time. I was so flattered that she really remembered me and thought about me. I told her that I did request her but another nurse came in. She said that when she does that they get mad at her, but if someone takes her request she does not make a big deal about it. I get the feeling that the other nurses are not totally nice to her. She is a little older and has a lot more experience. She came to my clinic about 8 months ago when another clinic run by the same Dr closed. I told her that I was so happy she is not sick of me yet. I did not tell her that some of the other nurses rush me and give me looks like I am wasting their time.

We had a nice talk and she said that she loves getting requests bc she gets to really know her patients. I want to get her something but I know that if it is public that the other nurses will make a stink about it. Women can be so mean. I have to get her a gift card and sneak it to her. She always takes her time with me and will explain everything. She always tells me how nice my lining is and she is very optimistic. I also copied the same chapter about my HLA matching to give to her next time. I know that she will be interested in this.


  1. You are so sweet to do that for your favorite nurse!
    I wish there was something I could do for you ... but you are doing your all and giving your best! Keep the faith!

  2. You are sweet. You already do something for me: sending me kind words of encouragement. I need all the support I can get.

  3. Good nurses are the best - good lab techs too! So glad you were able to see her.

    Prayers that the RI has a solution...sounds like he knows what he's doing.


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