Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Updates

Not much going on. This will just be some random updates.

Today is cd3. I went in for baselines and saw my favorite nurse C. I gave her the chapter from Dr. Beer's book about my HLA matching. She is always trying to learn new stuff so I thought she would be interested. She said she read his book years ago, so she was glad to get a refresher.

My us was good and bad. The right side where the lead follicle had been was gone. This was great. I was worried bc my p+7 estrogen was over 200. Even thought my lufs has been under control for awhile, I still have to hold my breath before each US. I still get excited when I see that it has ruptured. Then on the left was something that was weird. It was maybe a cyst maybe a new follicle. It was a little big for a new follicle but still possible. I know that last month I did not have anything growing over there but who knows.

I was going to try some stims again for the first time in a long time, but since I saw that possible cyst, I'm not going to risk it. That's ok. I'm a little afraid to risk lufs anyway.  Maybe next month.

I started LDN a few days ago. This is my new treatment plan. It will most likely be my last. You ease into it by taking 2mg each night for a week, then 3mg each night for a week, and then get up to 4.5 mg. The first few nights were nuts. It gave me some crazy vivid dreams that bordered on nightmares. I could not sleep. Then last night which was the 5th night, it all went away and I slept.

Other than that, I have been really relaxing on my summer vacation. I usually do summer school, but they cut that out of the budget so now I'm home. My new hobby is  pinterest, but I also have been creating stuff for my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. I also go outside to work in my garden.

The new season of Warehouse 13 started yesterday.


  1. I also have a history of LUFS. My doc said Naltroxene (spelling?) may be a good fit for me, too. Prayers for you!

  2. I just figured our what LDN was! I have been on that a couple of months now. Sadly it doesn't appear to have budged my endocrine system one bit. At least the crazy side effects don't bother me any more. I got dreadful dry mouth for the first three weeks, along with the mad dreams and fitful sleep. Sleep like a log now, though. Hope it works for you.


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