Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opportunity to Support Napro

 I often visit the Resolve (national if association) forum to try to suggest Napro to other women. I call it search and rescue. There are many women on there who post about  IVF being their only option. Some of them have done IVF many times and now have nowhere to turn.I emailed the site and asked them to put in a section on IVF alternatives and I was ignored.

Today I saw this request for a survey. I posted the request below.
Can you please take the survey and give your opinions about Napro, IVF alternatives etc. They want to identify the top myths....I say that one of them is that Catholics have no options and that if you have unexplained if that you have to do IVF or else. Please help me to support getting this message out. Maybe if enough of us take this survey they will finally mention Napro Technology on their site. This could be a small first step...
If you don't want to bother with the survey, you also contact them directly and ask them to include information about Napro technology or IVF alternatives on their site.

 I just found out that they have a facebook page with over 4,000 people on it.....Wow. I was going to post something on there but I chickened out. If you post something there, let me know...If I work up the courage I will let you know.  Thank you!
National Infertility Awareness Week® is April 24-30, 2011. RESOLVE needs your help in identifying the top "myths" associated with all family building options. We'll take your feedback and ask experts to share their knowledge breaking down the myths. Our goal is to use this information to increase public education about the disease of infertility and recognize the many ways families are built.

Please give us your feedback here.

If that link does not work, google "resolve infertility survey"


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