Friday, February 18, 2011

Possible victory

Wow, the past three days have been tough. I called my local RE today and asked about intralipids. The nurse was very nice and explained to me the breakdown of the cost. She said that they charge $100 to do the IV and the meds usually cost about $100. So it would be $200 for the month. There would be no extra Dr monitoring fee. (The RI wants to charge me 200 plus meds, and  would not tell me the cost of the meds.)
She said that sometimes the insurance will cover it, but I should expect to pay in full to be safe becuase they will bill insurance and then I have to pay the left over. They only want me to pay per month and not 3 up front like the RI wanted. Okay, so this felt reasonable and I felt like she was giving me proper attention. I asked her about blood tests to follow up and she said they did not do them.  The nice nurse also said to start next month since I was already post peak and I should take the meds a few days before peak. I agreed especially since I am paying a lot I want to do this right. Later today the pharmacy called me and said it was partially funded by insurance (they called the insurance and checked) so the cost of the meds is now down to 67. They are shipping the meds to the RE. I will not know if they will pay for the iv until after I get it done.
I have to see what I want to do about the blood tests. Do I really need them??? I am still waiting to hear back from my napro Dr, bc I am going to ask him if will write me a prescription for the blood tests. If not, I will have to contact the RI and see what kind of price deal I can make to just do the blood tests and not have him order the meds.My logic is she said it was 200 to order meds, liability, and the blood tests, so I should be able to knock that price down some more to only do blood work
So the possible victory....
I went in for my P+3 US to confirm that my follicle ruptured. Well it was my lucky day bc they asked me which nurse I wanted and my favorite nice nurse J was there. She does not judge me and she takes her time and explains everything. She said my lining looked great and luteal. I think my follicle ruptured which would be a huge victory. My ovary is covered in junk and I have a large pocket of fluid so it was really hard for her to say 100%. But, I did not see the  obvious follicle. Usually I go in and it has grown and will mock me. In fact she said she saw a possible corpus luteum.......Woah!!!!! I have never heard those words before. This is all due to the lupron trigger. This was my first time taking it so I cannot say that it is really working until it happens again. I will take my happy thoughts bc I really needed some today. So if this is true then it will be a huge victory bc I have only had one other possible rupture in a year. I have to remember that I still have to address my new challenge which is the killer cells. BTW: The lupron only cost me $5.00 and it has 14 uses in one that will be a great money saver.......


  1. wow! two victories in one day!! I am happy for you and that you no longer need to work with this RI!!!

    Love your blog! I vote that you need to add all topics. I keep refering people to it since its one of the very few resources for us. Its amazing to have everything in one place.

  2. I agree about your blog being a HUGE source of information. Keep it all!

    And so wonderful that things are hopefully starting to pan out with your lineup of meds. That's awesome! Praying for a wonderful cycle :)


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