Sunday, February 13, 2011

update on the Dr. Drama

I love the internet. How did we ever get along before it? I remember needing to go into the library to look books up in the card catalog. You never had access to the number of experts that we do now. The experts are the specialists but I was thinking about  the other women going through the same struggle. If I were going through this back then, I would have given up years ago.
I posted my concerns about the fees onto a few forums and  this blog. I got back some great responses. It seems that reproductive immunologists are rare and they charge a lot. So my first concern about this fee being too much is gone bc it seems average. Then I spoke to another patient of Dr. JB and she said that she had the same exact fees, but then she said that after that there are not really too many other charges. This makes sense bc he has lots of patients that consult with him and then follow up with a local dr. He has to make sure that he gets paid up front. She said he will answer any question for free over email and writes prescriptions for free too. So my fear that he will continue to charge me into the poor house is mostly gone. She did say great things about him and mentioned that she had seen another RI before JB and that one charged her more and never got to the issue. So hopefully I found a good one that is worth the money.
I have my follow up apt on Wed and I am super excited. He ran a bunch of new tests, so maybe we will get a new piece of the puzzle.

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