Friday, February 11, 2011

Comment from a reader and some Dr Drama

Comment from a reader:
A reader named S emailed me  it was so amazing. She is about my age and has been trying for a little bit longer than me. She told me about her struggles and asked me some questions. A quote from her letter "How do you find you are doing emotionally with NaPro? I feel a sense of relief now that I know more about my fertility issues. Still, infertility can be a lonely feeling, so I am glad I ran into your blog. Well, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that your blog made a difference in my life today. " I am so glad that she said hi. It made me so happy to get that note and find out that I helped her out. This is a lonely silent struggle. This blog helps me to connect with others going through the same thing.  I have my good days and my bad days. It is a major roller coaster for me. I try to remain positive on here. Although I will vent on here when I really need to. I find that when I force myself to say positive things, I feel better and more hopeful.  I am waiting for my turn, but life must go on. I have to find joy in the things I do have. Her note was one of them and it brought some light into the darkness. Thanks!

Doctor Drama:
I had my first consult with a reproductive immunologist last month. He charged me an outrageous fee for a 30 min new patient phone consult. I had to do it bc I really have no other choice. There are only a few around. My immune testing came back so I called the office to make a follow up apt. I was shocked when they told me it would cost an additional $350 to talk to the Dr and get my results. I am sure that he is not going to talk to me for very long. His initial consult was only 30 min Is it normal to charge a follow up fee? I thought it was part of the same new patient consult.
My dh wants to email the Dr and express concern for the high bill and the surprise extra fee. He is going to ask that the Dr spell out his future costs. I would have thought that if he was really that expensive he would have gone over that before I had my first consult.  I made my apt is for wed bc I need to get these results. I already waited two weeks. Hopefully my DH can talk him down in price. It is amazing what he can do. He had a large car bill and he talked the guy down a lot. DH said that most people will just pay what they are told and sometimes when you talk rationally they will want to keep you and strike a deal. So FX that he can do something without offending the Dr bc I do not want to have to find another Dr. I hope I can continue to afford him.

I guess my awesome napro Dr. KB has spoiled me. He spends way more time with me and charges me less. 


  1. Yikes! I hope your dh can work his magic on the doctor!

  2. Hi. I can't really help on the initial stuff with an RI as all of that was covered by insurance. However, my amount was either $200 or $300 for the follow up phone consult with the RI where she went over all of my test results. The conversation was well over an hour. After that, there is a long-distance with no doctor contact charge per month that insurance doesn't cover. It isn't cheap. Hope that helps.

  3. Really kind words from a reader..I am so happy that your blog is reaching many!!!! It helped me as well!! thank you!


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