Friday, February 4, 2011

Freaking Out over FSH--updated

I am writing this to vent my freak out. I went in today CD3 for baseline blood work. My FSH was 37.3!!!!
That is the level of a women in menopause......I almost fell on the floor. I emailed the Dr and he wrote me right back and told me to get retested. Hopefully I can get in tomorrow. They are open on Sat but only stay open until the last apt and they may not take me.....My last FSH was in Sept on day 5 and that was 7. Last year it was 3.8. So I am praying that they messed up.......
I do not know if I can handle another issue... I have plenty already........

Update: I went back in today to get it retested. Well it came back a little lower at 32.9 but still in the 30s. Ugh. So that test yesterday was accurate. I have enough problems and don't need a new one. I am trying not to let it bother me too much. I am not doing IVF or any stims so this should not be a real problem. I am going natural and only need one follie.  I am going to ask the Dr to get it checked next month to see if this is going to be my range from now on or if it was just a bad month. I have some gunky stuff on my ovaries. I am wondering if that is stressing them out.  I still have some more tests results to come in.

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