Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ovary in distress sending out an SOS

Yesterday I discovered that my FSH level was ridiculously high. In the 30s is considered to be an indicator of pre-menopause. I took that news very hard. Felt very hopeless and depressed. Cried a lot and thought about giving up.
Then I started to search the internet and get some information. It is tough bc most references to high FSH are from women doing IVF. There are many clinics who will not allow women to do IVF if their number is too high bc they do not want to tarnish their success rates.
I also read that endometriomas could cause a high number. It seems that the ovary talks to the brain. If the ovary says it is happy and full of eggs, the brain sends a little FSH. If the ovary sends out a distress signal then the brain tries to help out by sending lots of FSH. My right ovary is not happy right now. There are some things on there (endometriomas or hemmorhagic cysts) and I also have a large 20mm bubble of fluid. These things have growing since Sept. So it is totally logical that my ovay is sending out a SOS signal from the gunk on it and that is why my number jumped from 7 to 37 since Sept.
I have been thinking about what to do. Since lufs is my main problem. I  would like to  ignore the number and focus on using my good ovary and see how the Lupron and G-csf affect my LUFS. Statistically the right ovary goes more often than the left so this may be tricky. I may have to go back on stims to work them both.  If nothing makes me rupture then I am done for good. Then if I do rupture but do not have success then I would consider  having another surgery and get my ovary cleaned up. I have already had 5 and I really do not want to have another. I honestly do not know if my DH could take another one with the expense, travel, time off, emotions etc.


  1. Hi!

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

    I found this link that I thought would be interesting to you. It confirms that when the ovary is not happy then FSH can be high, but that it cane be corrected. I am not sure it applies t the fluid you are experiencing but thought that it might be interesting to share with you

    I do not have high FSH but was in one of ran.dine Lewis retreats and the diagnose most given by RE was bad egg quality and high FSH. Randine simply dismissed these diagnosis and said time and time again that this could be managed by getting the ovary to be healthy.

  2. So sorry :-( I hope you can get that right ovary to behave!

  3. Geez...5 surgeries...tough call! I am so new at all of this, I wish I could offer some sound advice (like you do for me)...but I can not, I can pray for you~ Sending many prayers for you and your dang brain to stop sending so much FSH down!

  4. I am sorry you got bad news about your ovary. I will pray it shapes up fast!


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