Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 Year Blogiversary

I created this blog in May 2010 so this month is my one year blogiversary!

Last May, The Gianna Center in NYC invited some people down to ask them to help spread the word about this great center. I was honored to be invited. I live about 4 hours away so I was the only one from upstate NY present. I thought about how I could help them. I created this blog and posted their information. I also made fliers and sent them to every diocese in New York State as well as local churches. My diocese added this information to their website and invited met to speak at their annual right to life meeting.

This blog started out with the intention of helping the Gianna Center flourish and it has now turned into much more. After awhile, I started to get more comfortable with blogging. I started to branch out and add more information about napro technology in general. Little by little I built this blog by adding pages and links. I also added my personal information. This blog keeps evolving. The topic of infertility is so vast that I never seem to run out of information. Now I am starting to get into reproductive immunology, something I had never heard of last year.

Over the past year, I have met some wonderful people. I have received many wonderful comments from my readers. I am grateful to you! My readers keep me going when I am down. I have had other women tell me that they recommend my blog to others because of my great info and links. I am so happy to be able to help others. At least if I am suffering from infertility, I can have some peace knowing that my experience can help others.
Thank you for making this blog a success!

One Year Blog Stats:
Page Views: 6,584

Top 5 Most popular Posts: 
373 views (LUFS) Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome
Bust an Infertility Myth Blog Challenge
175 Views  New Article: Birth of a Miracle
155 views 4 New Articles
152 views The Gianna Center in NYC

Top 5 Most popular Pages
414 views Catholic Infertility Doctors
379 views 10 reasons to choose NPT over IVF
336 Views  My TTC Summary
190 Views Napro FAQ
78 Views  Articles and Books


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Gianna Center: Now has two locations
Dr. Anne Mielnik and Dr. Kyle Beiter, NAPRO trained surgeon
Gianna Center for Women 
15 E 40th Street Suite 101
New York, NY 10016
Ph 212-481-1219
Fax 212 481-1423

New Jersey:
Dr. Kyle Beiter ( My doctor. I highly recommend him)
Gianna – The Catholic Healthcare Center for Women
254 Easton Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-565-5490 
Fax: 732-792-3038
St. Peter's Brochure

The Gianna Center for Women offers effective treatment for infertility and recurrent miscarriage using NaPro Technology, an alternative to in vitro fertilization. The Gianna approach in completely in line with Catholic Church teaching and allows a couple to conceive naturally, with success rate which are comparable to other methods. The Gianna Center also offers pro-life obstetrics, gynecology and general medical care for women.You can work with them long distance and then travel for surgery only.

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  1. I love love your blog! I must be a large part of the 107 visitors to your blog or my clients. I always tell them to check out your blog!

    Happy anniversary!


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