Monday, June 6, 2011

2 bad things, One good, and Maybe Something Great

So do you want the bad news first or the good? You can scroll to the bottom if you want to read the good....This is a long post so beware. FYI, I am just started a cycle so I am not pg yet.

Bad News #1: I went to refill my neupogen at CVS when they tell me that they cannot refill it bc the insurance company wants it to go to express scripts due to the cost. UGH So they faxed the script to express scripts and said I would hear from them. So today I called to follow up since I never heard. My script was sitting in their computer but it needs to go to cura scripts which is a sub company of express scripts. So it was just sitting there and nobody thought to alert me or send it on. Then I  call cura scripts and they did not even get the script since I do not have an account with them...ugh so I set one up and now it will take a few days to get it out of the express scripts computer and verify with insurance......ergh I already filled it last month with no issues.. Then they call me to ship it to me. Thank God, I had some left over from last month...or I would have missed out this month.

Bad News #2: I had blood drawn on Thursday to get shipped over night to the immune lab in Chicago The lab calls me today, Monday, to tell me that my blood arrived today so now it is useless. ERGH I told her that I verified with the nurse about the pick up etc. She said the tracking shows pick up Fri 2:30. This is the third time I have had this done. This is the first time I forgot to copy down the tracking info and watch it get there on time and look what happens. So now I have to get it redone, which is 5 vials and it really hurts.  I still have a mark from Thursday. They are sending me the tubes tomorrow and the nurse is supposed to come back tomorrow. The lab said the nurse would call me today. By 4pm I had not heard from the nurse so I called the lab back who then called the nurse to remind her. Well it is now 7:30pm and I have not heard from the nurse. So you make a major mess up and now you are not going to call me on time? I asked about compensation. She said I may not get charged for the nurse fee which is out of pocket. They have to investigate first.

Good News: I spoke with the immune consultant today for 45min and there was no charge. She was really great. I got a good feeling from her. She speaks to you like a human being. She went over some of my test results and we spoke about some things. She is not a medical Dr so I still need to work with one which is fine,bc I have my wonderful napro Dr KB. I have to speak to him to make sure he is okay with this. Basically she will consult with both the dr and myself. She will make recommendations for tests and treatments and then the md does the ordering. She was willing to even speak to Dr. KB. Her fees are very reasonable and she charges by the hour so you get your money's worth and can work within your budget. She spent more time talking with me for free than Dr JB did for big money. She said most of her  clients work with the Beer center and none of her current clients work with JB right now. I do have to pay the initial consult fee again, but hers is not bad.Then I will save money bc JB wanted 1,250 for the next three months up front and even with her initial fee and paying her for 3 months, it will not cost that much. I will get much better service and care. She already pointed out some tests that I should get done.

Something Great????  I don't want to get too crazy but I got thinking that maybe meeting her is a piece of God's plan for me. What if she works out great as a consultant and then when I introduce her to my napro Dr KB and they hit it off and this starts a new era of napro that adds immune???? I already sent KB Dr. Beer's book and he told me he is reading it and finds it interesting. Maybe Dr. Hilgers will want to work with her too??? I only spent 45 min with her but I get a good feeling. I never got a good feeling about JB but I thought I had no other choice. So we will see where this takes me and maybe napro.


  1. I am so happy for you! sounds like an amazing plan. I really think that God wants us to connect people, communicate this work, helo spread NaPro, but also NaPro see other things that complement it etc. It´s up to us women to do it and you are doing an amazing job!

  2. That totally STINKS about your bloodwork! I can't even believe it. I'm so mad for you! I had a similar problem when I had my huge p+7 blood draw for PPVI. The lab I had it drawn at spun it and ran the tests themselves rather than sending it to Dr. H. Even after I specifically told them not to! Grrr. I hate human error. You have a much better attitude about it than I would/did! Sooo excited about this possible new doc finding some answers for you!!! Woo hoo!

  3. So annoying about #1 and #2!! Especially needing to go thru more bloodwork. what idiots!!

    I am happy to hear about a new Md wanting to help us napro gals!!


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