Monday, June 13, 2011

Follie update and immune test results

I have entered phase two. This is where I track the follicle by US to watch it grow. I went in last Wed and had a 10mm on the left. I went back Fri and it was not any bigger. UGH so I was about to freak out when my favorite nurse S said, oh wait let's check the right. The right side has been dormant since January and there was nothing there two days ago.She found a 14mm hiding underneath all the chaos and gunk that is invading that ovary. Then I went back today, Monday, and the the one on the left retreated and the one on the right was clearly the dominant one at 18mm. YIPPEE. So the right one is not done yet. I just hope that it can blast through the gunk. No surge on the OPK yet. I am waiting to hear back from the Dr about taking my trigger shot tonight.

I got my immune test results today. I have some good news. My NK went DOWN from 20 to 11. I am so excited bc it  should be under 15. This is the first time since January I have been able to get the number into the normal range. The intraplipids did not budge that number but this new medicine almost cut it in half. My TNF was normal at 20 then the intralipids made it double to 40. Now it is back to 18. So I am finally moving in the right direction. It may still take some time, but now I can relax knowing that this med is working for me Immune medicine is tough bc everyone reacts to it differently and you have to find the one for you.

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