Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemons into Lemonade

Life threw some real lemons at me this week. 
Today they all turn into lemonade!

Blood test drama continued: The nurse came back yesterday to redraw five vials of blood. I made sure to get the tracking number and made sure that it was picked up and sent there on time. It got there. A rep from the lab called me today to make sure everything was fine. The results should be back by Monday or Tuesday.

Other News:
I faxed my awesome napro Dr KB a letter explaining my situation with Dr. Greedy and how I would like to use an immune  consultant with his permission because he would be the one to actually order the meds since she is not a MD. I asked to set up a phone consult to explain everything. His awesome nurse J emailed me back saying he was on board but would like to speak to me next week about it first......YEAH

Medicine Drama continued:
Let's see where we left off last time. I went in on Fri to get a refill. That day I was told by CVS that they cannot refill it and it must go to express scripts,"but don't worry we faxed it over." Sounds great right??? Monday I called and it was in their computer but it needed to go to their sub company cura scripts. So I called them and they said they would get it ready to go.
Update: I call back today (Wed) to check on the status. It is still not done. They are waiting for the Dr to fax them a new script. They contacted the dr more than once and it never came in. Good thing I called to follow up. I explained to the woman that I only have 4 days left and with shipping time I am worried about running out. She tells me she is going to mark it a priority etc. I stressed the fact that it was a refill and in their computer......ugh.

Then I get a call from the specialty pharmacy from CVS telling me that they cannot fill my order.....Really??? She tells me to call cura scripts, I tell her that I already figured that one out since  it is now Wed and I tried to refill last Friday. She tells me that she is in the process of faxing the script over. I ask her when, she won't tell me. She keeps saying in the process....ugh

I call back cura scripts again at 3pm and it is still not done. The Dr never faxed it over., CVS never faxed it over. It is still in the stupid computer but they cannot get it. What year is it 1985?? We have networked computers now.....

Then I find Sam, my wonderful rep, who said he contacted the Dr at 1pm. This was two hours ago. I told him that if the Dr has not done it by now it is not going to happen. I asked him to call CVS. He said he could not, due to policy. He then called the Dr directly while I was on hold. He said the office is now verbally giving the order to the pharmacy....YEAH He said to call him back at 4:30 and he will personally take care of it and make sure that the order is ready to ship......YEAH.... I love Sam. He is the best. He will get a special prayer tonight....What a great guy.

I called back and he was just finishing up. He said it will go out in the mail and get to me tomorrow!!!! Woohoo. He asked me about my supply bc it was less than 30. He wanted to make sure I got enough. I told him that I did not take the full dose each day. Then he tells me there are no refills....ergh I said it was probably due to the fact that I got a script last month with 3 refills. He will check tomorrow to see if CVS finally faxed my old order so I can add my previous 3 refills to this order. I guess if you mail order 3 months at at time, it is cheaper and he wanted to make sure I got the best deal.

I told him how wonderful he was and asked if I could tell his supervisor how great he is, so he transferred me to her. I told her all about how great he was. She said she gets that  a lot and his is her best. I called 3 times this week and was so lucky to get him today.

Thank you to all the nice reps who helped through all the drama this week. Thank you to God for helping me out also.

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  1. Dr.wonderful is the best!! So glad he is on board. Glad the drama is over!


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