Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I feel more peaceful about this whole  thing. Last week I was freaking out bc of the fee increase. Now I see that this is a good thing and it was the impetus to move me forward. I have a new plan that has many steps into the future. As long as there is a plan with something new to try, there is hope. I spoke to my napro Dr today. He is great bc he takes the time to talk to you and answer your questions. He treats you like a human. We spoke about the plan that will involve the immune consultant. He will review anything she suggests first and then talk it through with me. She is really great. She also spends time to answer questions and has compassion. I have a great team lined up. I have to send her all my history and then we will see what she comes up with.

I am glad to be done with the RI. He would only give me 5 min even though I had an apt. He was always two  hours late. If I asked him a question about medication he would tell me to check out his website. He made me feel dumb when I did ask questions. I dreaded calling his office bc his receptionist was not nice. On top of all of that, I had to pay lots of money. Dealing with his office caused me a lot of stress and financial hardship which I am sure made my IF worse.

I thought a lot about this today and how God's plan for me is like dominoes. I have the end result in  mind, but I do not know what God has planned for me along the way. I do not regret meeting Dr.JB. He was the one who made a break through with my LUFS. He also prescribed the medicine  that for now seems to be working. He also suggested some good supplements to me. My napro Dr said he suggested one of those supplements to his patients. I was so happy to help him and his patient. This was a worthwhile step along the way.

Now it is clear to me that it is time to move on to the next step. Who knows what I will learn from this new consultant?


  1. Yes, I agree- your Md is wonderful!!! (I did talk with him). I am so glad he is going to work with her and you!

    I am praying for you and getting answers!!! You are such a witness!

    Sending prayers!

  2. I am SO happy and relieved to come across your blog today - I've been reading and reading, but felt compelled to reply to THIS particular entry!! I have been researching and getting tested for immune related RPL/infertility issues since the spring 2010, but not with a doctor who specializes in immune related issues. Long story short, after 11 very early losses (secondary infertility), 13 failed IUI's, and 3 failed IVF's, (some w/ intralipids, lovenox and steroids) we finally got tested for HLA matching issues last month, and sure enough we have an absolute DQa match and we were trying to decide on going to Dr. B or not (his fees are outrageous!!) or trying to *wing it* with getting the Neupogen elsewhere, with a less knowledgable physician. I feel like finding your blog today was meant to be, and it helped me make that final decision of NOT paying Dr. B for his help. Best wishes to you...


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