Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fee increase continued

So I posted on the immune board to warn his other patients like a PSA. I thought at least then they will have a chance to adjust their budget. Someone wrote back that they are still going to pay the same which is  1,250. Then I had my DH call to see what was going on. It turns out that I was paying less bc I am not doing IVF, I am not even doing any stims, so he does not need to spend time on my case checking blood tests and making decisions. They hired a new office manager last week and she decided to make everyone pay the same. So my fee doubled but I think that the existing IVF patients are sitll paying the same. Now I am embarrassed bc I mentioned his fee doubling and it may not be true for everyone. I also feel discriminated against bc I am not doing IVF but paying the same fees. He does not spend the same amount of time with me as them. I only need to consult with him once a month. ERGHHHHH

My DH is awesome bc he spoke to the office manager and told her how it was not nice to spring this on us. She said I am sorry that you feel we sprung this on you. He comes back with, wait a minute. I do not feel that you did it. You did spring this on us by definition. Then she admitted that it was not nice. She asked him was he thought was fair.He said he needed time to adjust the budget. She said we could have one month  and then next month we would have to buy a 3 pack and the new higher rate. He asked how long ago they have been planning this. She said she was hired last week. So they hired her and then she made the change and did not feel the need to contact me about it. I love my DH he is so great with dealing with people and negotiating. While he was not able to get the fee reduced, he did buy us a month to check out other drs and see what we want to do.

I am tired of the crappy service I get there. I should not have my phone apt consult pushed back for two hours every time. I have to rearrange my schedule at work to accommodate them and then they make me wait two more hours.

I emailed two other drs. I put it all out there that I am not satisfied with my current Dr and that I am shopping around. I asked what their fees are and what services they provide etc. They both emailed me back. The first one is a woman who struggled herself. She asked if we could talk for 20-30 min TOMOROW to discuss fees and services.....WOW most Drs will not talk to you for free. The second DR said it would be 500 to become his patient and then 388 for one phone consult a month. Dr JB wants to now charge me 416 a month so that is really close. At least I have a lower price so maybe if needed I can get them to do a price match.

I got a good feeling from the woman. I am hoping and praying that I like her tomorrow and I can afford to pay her. Maybe this is a mixed blessing and I will get better care from her. Please pray for me that this works out tomorrow.


  1. Wow- frustrating and exciting at the same time. Frustrating with the fee increase sprung on you, and yet there's hope that the bad thing may lead to a good thing (a new doctor, better care, etc.). I'm so hopeful for you with this new doctor. Keep us posted!

  2. What a great DH you have! Don't you just love it when our men stand up and fight for us?! Love it. I'm glad you got one more month to figure out what to do. I think this could definitely be God's way of moving you to another doctor who could be more successful in helping you start your family. Praying!!!

  3. Yay for ur hubby! Ok, this is good news, better than yesterday. I am hoping that things work out for you.

  4. Praying that she is the right doctor for you! you do such an amazing job with this blog that you really need a break!


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