Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lovenox Preconception

I have been enjoying my rental. It is a small suv. I always thought by now that I would have a mini suv filled with kids. So it is weird to drive it empty. I will be spending the next 3 days at a workshop with members of State Ed. It is great bc my state involves teachers in their test creation. There are many different committees that are needed throughout the test creation process. I am working on item review. We have to sign a confidentially paper stating that we will not give away the questions.We get to see  potential questions.  Then we evaluate them to make sure they are aligned to the standards, are age appropriate, clear, rigorous etc. Most of the questions were fine, but there were some that we had a heated debate over. Then the leader suggests changes and we debate them. Sometimes we just vote to reject the question. We spent all day from 8 to 5pm taking math test questions and debating them. It was very interesting to hear the rationale behind the questions and all that goes into them. I got to speak to other teachers and learn about the upcoming common core.We had lots of snack breaks and had a great free lunch including chocolate cake.

On to some TTC News
My only immune issue is elevated NK and I control that with neupogen. I have 4 blood clotting factors. MTHFR homo, Pai homo, Factor V hetero, and low protein S. I tried lovenox two months in a row at 30mg once a day starting on CD6. I am wondering if I am taking enough. I asked my Dr to double the dose and he is hesitant. I know that sunshine commented on here the other day that most women take it twice a day.

If you take/took lovenox preconception, can you please tell me what your dose is and how often you take it? Did you have success? How long did it take you?Thanks in advance,


  1. I started out at 40mgs 2 x day, and I was already taking it when I went to Dr K-K for that Doppler Uterine Biophysical Profile, which still revealed an elevated resistance index in the spiral and radial arteries. I then went to 60mgs 2 x day, which was subsequently decreased when my aPTT (pro-thrombin time, a blood test to see if your blood is clotting too slowly) was really long. I was decreased to 60mgs 1 x day.

    All in all, I think I was on Lovenox for about a year, maybe slightly longer.

    Obviously in my case, it didn't work.

    Are you homozygous on the C-gene for MTHFR? That's supposedly the worst one.

    That, coupled with the Factor V Leiden... my gut is to say you need more Lovenox.

  2. What a great career opportunity! I love going to meetings like that, but I am a curriculum geek.

  3. Simone,

    Are you on extra folate for your homozygous MTHFR?


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