Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phone Drama

After my last cellphone contract expired I went with a pay as you go plan to save money. I spend so much money on meds and dr apts and trying to save for adoption that I don't usually spend money on luxury items for myself.

I have had this plan for the past two years. I paid around 25-50 a month. There were months where I paid less than 25. It was a great deal. I had free mobile to mobile in network so that is where I made my savings. Well I started to find that more and more people text. I have to admit I just learned how to text a few months ago. Yeah I can only imagine what you are thinking. When I started to do it more often, I found that my old abc style phone was not conducive to texting and that my plan was great for just calling, but texts cost 20 cents to send and then another 20 cents to receive My phone bill started to increase.

After 4.5 years of being infertile I am starting to realize that I do need to spend some money on myself to stay sane. I started to look into getting a newer phone with a qwerty keyboard. I still wanted something basic. I need to increase my budget slowly so I did not want to jump into a smartphone with a huge bill.  I wanted to just get a newer phone and try to stay prepaid but of course they do not have the same selection on those phones. I could buy a phone out of contact to use prepaid but that basic phone I want is around 200 dollars. I did the math and found that over the two year span it would be about the same to just get a contract.

I went in and found the phone I wanted. The basic plan is 40 plus 20 for texting. So 60 a month for unlimited calling and texting. Thankfully I have a teacher discount that will cover the taxes and fees on top of the plan. My bill will be about 20 more a month on average. I can do that. I went over to sign up and he tells me they are out of stock. UGH well I am on a strict bidget so I am not going to get talked into something else. He says it will come in during the week.

At this point, my phone dies and my charger's pin broke off. I go back and ask them to charge my phone. They do not have that charger anymore...ugh. I call back when they said it would be in and it was not. Then I called back a few days later. He says it is still not in. I asked if he could just order me one. He cannot, they get what the company sends them. Ugh

Then I got the smart idea to go online. They had my phone with a package. You get a free bluetooth headset. I got really excited. I thought this was worth not having a phone all week.....I go through the ordering process and then I find out that I cannot keep my phone number if I go online. I have to go into a store. I asked the online chat person to check all the stores in my area for inventory and she tells me that she does not have access. UGH.

Now I am really annoyed because I have spent the past week without a phone. I am trying to be good and not spend a lot of money. It took me awhile to accept the fact that I should allow myself to even get a contract phone instead of sticking with the prepaid and now I cannot get a phone.....

My DH is trying to help me out. He started calling the stores to see what they have in stock. I am hoping at this point to get something similar.


  1. How frustrating!!!! You are so right: us IF girls need to treat ourselves! Hope this all works out and soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, cell phone plans are the devil! We seriously get the most frustrated when dealing with our phones. It's a losing battle, whatever you do! My dad is an employee so my plan is free, and it's still a nightmare! I think it's a service issue. Good luck and I hope you get a phone soon!

  3. Yes you must treat yourself more!!! Get a droid, I love mine! Typing on it right now! Plans are pretty bad, you can get great deals online, but I don't understand why you can't keep ur phone number! Ummmmmm???

  4. Yes ... treat yourself! You deserve it. You REALLY do! Phone companies are the worst. I make my hubby deal with mine. Its crazy the amount of money that phone plans cost ... its cheaper to have just a land line, but I would miss the convenience of my cell.


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