Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Test Day Nov 2011

Today is p+14. 
The past few days I got excited. I reminded myself of everything that went well this month. I had a great baseline, follicle development, CM, lining and P+7 numbers. I was very relaxed this month and had no stress. No PMS. This was my second month with my new protocol of using blood thinners. I kept going back and forth between getting excited and then remembering that I have a bad track record.

Then today came and reality slapped me in the face. Another BFN. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I am in shock and cannot cry about it yet. That will probably happen when AF arrives in a few days after I stop the progesterone. I am numb right now.

So now is the time to evaluate what went wrong and what I should do to correct it. Everything that I can measure was in perfect working order. So now I am wondering  if I am taking enough blood thinners or if there is something wrong with my uterus or tubes. Every BFN  makes me want to have another surgery just to be sure. In the spring it will be two years since  my last lap/tubes check and 3 years since my last hysteroscopy when they found polyps. 

I am going to talk to my napro dr about upping the blood thinners to twice a day which is what pg women take. Right now I take them once a day. If that does not work within a few months, I am seriously thinking about a spring cleaning.

At least I have today off, so I can bum around the house. =(


  1. Hi Simone- I was on blood thinners 2x a day preconception for 6 cycles before I was able to conceive. 2 40mg injections. How much are you taking? I'm sorry it didn't work for you this cycle when everything seemed in order. It's so very hard to understand and accept. hugs

  2. Oh man. I'm sorry Simone. Sunshine's words are reassuring though that it could take several months on the blood thinners at twice a day. Praying for you today.

  3. Sunshine: Thanks for the info. Wow 6 Cycles??? I give you credit for enduring the pain of shots for so long. That gives me some hope. I was only taking 30 mg once a day. I am thinking due to it wearing off after 12 hours and the fact that I have 4 blood clotting issues that I need more. So Now I am wondering if I need 30 or 40????

  4. In talking to other women who have done immune protocol (with Dr KK) I have never heard of anyone using less that 40mg shots and two friends have had to do 60mgs twice a day (one has MTHFR- not sure if that is one of your issues). Keep the faith- immune treatment can take some cycles before it works though some people get real lucky!

  5. I am so sorry- what a total let down! SO glad this blog community can help you sort through this stuff! God Bless ya~

  6. I am so sorry! But like what SRR said - what an awesome thing this blogging community is that Sunshine was able to help you out!

    Prayers that it's only one more cycle!

  7. Oh, I'm SO very sorry for the negative test. It just hurts. I'm praying so hard for you, my friend!


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