Friday, November 25, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers is Having a Cyber Monday Sale


Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site where teachers create lessons and activities and post them online. The site gets a portion of the sale and the teacher gets the rest. I have a store and I also buy stuff from other teachers.

 Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Cyber Monday Sale. The site is offering 10% off with this promo code CMS28. Many of the teachers listed are also having a sale in addition to the 10%. I am throwing a 15% sale, so if you buy from me you will get 25% off. The coupon says up to 30% off because the teachers can give a sale up to 20%. Any sale we give subtracts from our commission, but the sale offered by the company does not.

Please check out this site There are many great activities and lessons all created by teachers. This is great for any teacher, tutor, homeschooling, parent etc.

My store is if you buy from me on Monday, you will get a total 25% off. You will see the 15% when you click on an item and then you will get the 10% when you use  the promo code CMS28 as you check out.

My most popular items are my math bingo games. I have order of operations, coordinate grid, solving simple equations, solving proportions, exponents, and customary capacity If you give me a topic, I can make one for you.

My newest items are my math flash cards. It is almost impossible to find flash cards for the specific topic you want. I have created them for my topics that I teach in my class, but I can make some for yours. The cards are made to be photocopied so the answer is on the back. Since the answer is on the back, students can work independently and check themselves.  I  use them with games boards often. Students who finish early can grab one of the baggies I have premade with different flash cards to work on independently. You can mix the topics to make a mixed review or keep them separate. Right now, I have decimal place value, decimal rounding and exponents. I am going to list more in the future.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I think that site is going to get me into trouble! ;)


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