Monday, November 21, 2011

My New Vitamin

For the past 5 years I have been taking Promise Prenatal I originally chose this one because it had a high dose of folic acid and all the other vitamins I thought I needed. It was small and I liked the idea that they had 3 stages although I never moved out of stage one. I never had any issue with it and every time I thought about changing to something new, I always came back to this one.

Once  I found out I have a double MTHFR gene mutation and other immune related issues I started to have new demands for my vitamin. I have been searching for 3 months for something better. At first I was looking for the immune issues. I  cannot have any wierd herbs in my vitamin bc I never know how they will affect me. The average person wants to enhance thier immune system and would love those immune boosting herbs. I want to stay away from them.

Now with MTHFR, I decided that I no longer want folic acid. We have been brain washed into thinking we need folic acid. In reality we need folate to prevent birth defects. Folic acid is synthetic and converts to folate. Natural food such as spinach contains folate. The FDA has fortied our food with folic acid. I never knew the difference until I learned about MTHFR. If you have MTHFR, then you have trouble converting folic acid to folate. Too much folic acid building up in your body is not good for you. It was really hard to find a vitamin with folate and not folic acid.  I started to give up on the idea that I had to have a prenatal and started to look for multivitamins. Most of the more natural vitamins that actually had folate also had lots of herbs..UGH so it was almost impossible.

Then last week when my B12 level came back really high, I started to read about B12. I read that the synthetic form of b12 in our vitamins is cyanocobalamin From wikipedia "Cyanocobalamin usually does not even occur in nature, and is not one of the forms of the vitamin that are directly used in the human body  However, animals and humans can convert cyanocobalamin to active (cofactor) forms of the vitamin, such as methylcobalamin.This process happens by equilibration, as cyanocobalamin slowly loses its cyanide in surroundings that contain no cyanide.

This just really grossed me out bc that is what was in my prenatal. I got really frustrated and started to search for whole food vitamins. These are made from real food and not created in a lab. I found a few that were interesting but had to deal with the herb issue. Then I found my new vtiamin. It is not a prenatal. It is a multivitamin that has folate and real B12 and is made from real food.  I went with  I got the one daily
I found a local green grocer and went to go get it. It was only $21 for a month, which I thought was a great price. The cashier commented on how they are great vitamins. I am happy to have found something that seems healthier and has a reasonable price.

So until I find something better, I am happy to have this.


  1. Wow! Who knew? Thanks for this information. Out of curiosity, why did you you decide on the one daily, rather than the herb free prenatal vitamin they also have on their website? Just want to make sure I'm not missing something!

  2. Hi Anne,
    That is a good question. I went back to look. THe prenatal is 4 pills a day and the one daily is one. That is it. I looked at the ingredients in the prenatal and they looked great. If you get the prenatal, let me know the size of the pill. I wouldn't mind 4 small, but I did not want to take 4 large.

  3. Check out NEEVO. Available by prescription, either with or without DHA enhancement.

    This is what I take. It has 1 mg of L-methylfolate, specifically for those with MTHFR.

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