Friday, December 9, 2011

Car Accident

This week I have been carless. I am lucky to have a great friend to drive me to work and a DH to pick me up. It is tough to rely on others when you are a very independent person. I also do not want to take advantage of my friend's generosity. My DH gets crabby at the end of the day so I don't want to deal with that either.

I have been searching for a gently used car. I found some great ones. I am using a carbuyers service through my bank. They call the dealer and negotiate the price. They also ask you what your total price is and then they figure in the cost with the tax etc so you are not hit with a huge amount more than the price of the car. I found a 2009 with only 12,000 miles on it. The service called and got me a great price in my range. I called and got an apt to go test drive it tonight.

My dh had to get out of work early so we would have time to get there before they closed. We were on the road and the traffic was heavy. My DH was getting impatient and switching lanes driving close etc. I was getting mad and said be careful don't get into an accident. Then while we were stopped at a red light. BAM someone smacked into our car. UGH OH CRAP. Now I am going to miss my apt. There were three cars in the accident. We were in front. I called 911. We moved into the turning lane to get out of the road. The last car was too badly smashed up so it was in the road. Cars had to go around and they were beeping. It was nuts.

It took 10 min for the cops to arrive but it seemed like forever. Thankully nobody was hurt. Our car was fine. Just a little dent in the side of the bumper. The middle car had enough damage to need a repair but it was still drivable. The ford sign in the front flew off into the road and the front part came loose. The hood was crooked. The last car back was all smashed in the front.

We had to call the dealer and tell them we would not make it. UGH..... Then we had to wait around for the officer to gather info etc. It felt like forever bc I had to put up with a crabby husband who reminded me about how he took off from work early......etc. and now he does not have time for me tomorrow.........ugh It was so annoying. I was trapped. I wanted to yell at him about how I have had no car all week and I  had to deal with it so he can deal with one day. I knew better not to fight when I was trapped in the car.

After we were cleared to leave, the traffic on that road was horrible. It was now rush hour and this was a main road. So we took forever to drive home. I had to hear him complain the whole way.......OMG
So glad to be home.

Hopefully we can work something out tomorrow. I want a car. This one sounds great and I am hoping that it is also good in person. It is certified by Honda so it should be fine.


  1. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured!

    You'll get your car and hopefully soon! Just think how great it will be when you finally get it! :)

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. Car trouble is the WORST! So annoying. Hoping you get that car! Sounds great!

  3. So sorry about the accident! Thank God everyone is okay! Hope that car is yours soon. :)

  4. Ugh! Car accidents are the WORST! And so is a grumpy husband. Perhaps he was extra grumpy b/c of the accident? I'm so proud of you for holding your tongue in the car. I would have said something regrettable. I'm so sorry. I hope you can get your new car soon. I totally agree and understand about being independent from others too. :-)

  5. That's not a pleasant experience, indeed. Aside from the cars getting damaged, the accident puts the mind on edge and makes a person more irate. Well, now that it's over, here's to hoping that this experience did not give you a lot of trouble.

  6. I would not dream of being carless for one week. With all the things I have to do and the places I have to go, driving my own car is a big convenience. Hope you find a suitable second-hand car soon. Stay safe!


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