Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog Fight and a Jacuzzi

I made it through another infertile Christmas!! This is a long post which starts out a little crazy but ends well.

This year we drove down about 2 hours to visit my family.  I get out of the car and see my Aunt and she says congratulations I hear you are having a baby. UGH nope that is my younger sister....awkward.

My uncle and my cousins love dogs. They visit shelters and rescue dogs that are about to be euthanized and find them homes. Most of these dogs are very large and some of them are pit bulls. Currently in his home, he has two new rescues that he has had for a year. They are large but very sweet. They are young and playful. He shows me their toys. Then he gives one a piece of meat. All of a sudden the other dog comes over to take it. They start to fight right in front of me. I panicked bc they are huge. They are attacking each other at the neck. They are thrashing around. My uncle gets in there and tries to separate them. They are his dogs so I let him take the lead. It starts to feel like forever and I did not know what to do. It looked like they were going to kill each other. Finally he gets them apart and we notice that one of them bit him on the arm.

Holy crap. It was a large gash. We sit him down and get the bleeding to stop. The dogs are still in the house. I run to get my cousin and have him get the dogs out. My uncle starts to turn white and sweat. We get him some water and juice. I am thinking he should go to the hospital but he wants to wait until my Aunt gets out of the shower. I am freaking out bc I think he is about to pass out. They are all calm and it takes her forever to get out of the shower. I am thinking about all the germs from the dog's mouth etc. We finally convince my cousin to take him to the hospital.My dh and I are just sitting there freaked out. I have never seen dogs fight like that where they are trying to kill each other.

Later on everyone comes over and I am still trying to relax from it. My sister comes over and hides in the back room until more people come in. She is very pg and of course everyone has to talk about it. They all give her first child cute toys and go on an on about him. I almost barfed. He runs around the house screaming and they keep putting on this singing Santa to entertain him. The noise was driving me crazy.

I took my mom out to show her my new car and that is when I found out that my sister just bought the same color make and model................OMG so my DH is laughing. I guess I had to do it too.

Later on things picked up. My dh had a nice chat with my dad about my sister. If you missed the post about her drama here is the link back He admitted that she was wrong, but he is afraid that she will take away his grandchild..............ugh  I had a nice time seeing my relatives. I tried to block my sister out. I started to have fun. Then we had the swap and I got a George Foreman Grill. My uncle came back from the hospital and had 6 stitches and a tetanus shot. He was afraid to tell them the dog bit him bc he did not want the police to take the dog away. He told them he cut his arm on a saw.

We left my Aunt's house and then we went to a hotel. My DH planned a nice romantic get away.  If you have been ttc as long as me then you know that BD becomes a chore and it is not fun anymore. We decided that we needed some fun. We got a room with a jacuzzi. We had a lot of fun. I need to keep this post  G-rated but let's just say that we had lots of fun. The jacuzzi had colored lights that you could turn on under the water. That was really cool. We also had bubble bath in it. It was amazing to relax and have some fun.


  1. What an eventful Christmas! So glad that you were able to enjoy the jacuzzi! ;)

  2. What an awesome idea to do a getaway! I love that you and your husband nurture each other, especially during these difficult years of ttc. That's really beautiful.

  3. I can't believe that your Aunt congratulated you about being pregnant. I'm sure awkward doesn't even begin to describe it!
    Your Christmas sounds totally crazy, especially with the dog fight and your uncle's injury and all. I'm glad you blocked out (as much as you could) your pg sister and child. Its hard to watch that. My MIL gave my pg SIL a suitcase embroidered with the baby's name, plus stuffed it with about $500 worth of baby clothes. And my SIL had to open each outfit and oohh and awwww over each little thing. I could have screamed at everyone ... "what about me? what about my feelings?" It sucks that no one thinks about infertility and how it must feel to be infertile. I'm so sorry. It hurts.
    I'm glad you and your hubby got away and enjoyed your hotel. You deserve it!!!!! :-)


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