Monday, December 12, 2011

Heads Will Roll

Today I was so excited to go get my new car after work. My DH got a cold yesterday so he stayed home. He picked me up around 3:45. We went to the bank to sign the loan papers and get our bank check to take the the dealer. Then we went to the local dealer where my old car has been hanging out. They have been so nice and patient with me by letting me keep my broken car there without storage fees or nagging me etc.

I got there and the service manager tells me that the plates are stuck bc the bolts are rusted. I had to laugh bc the plates have been on there for 10 years and the bolts are probably the original  14 years old. They had to use some heavy tools to cut them off. They did not even charge me. You can see the tool marks on the plates.

I then went to clean out the car. On the way out some random guy offered to buy my car. I was straight with him about the pricey repair and he was still interested. I took his number and told him I would think about it.

Then we left to go to the new dealer which is 30 min away. We go there about 6pm. That is when he asked for our check and the look on his face told me something was wrong. He said the bank was supposed to give us a check for the entire price of the car. They only gave us the loan. Since we are financing half of the cost, I thought they gave us our down payment and would fax over the loan or something like that. I was so embarrassed. I was so mad. I tried to think outside the box like using my credit card or something but they would only take a bank check. I was so frustrated that I started to cry. I told them I was not upset with them just the bank who messed up. I could not tell them that I am also infertile and my patience  for waiting has been used up. I thought this was a done deal and now I have to wait some more. UGHHGHH

I know it is only one more day but ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh So they felt really bad for me and offered to send their shuttle out to meet me half way. I was fine with that since I have a friend who lives half way so she can drop me off on her way home from work.

I am still really mad at the bank and I will be calling over there tomorrow since I still need that check. I am going to ask (demand) that they bring the check over to my work since I do not have a car to pick it up. I do really like that bank so I do not want to take my loan elsewhere but I am tempted to tell them that.......UGHHHHHH I do not know what else I can ask from the bank. It is not like when you complain at a store and they give you coupons......We will see what they say. Maybe reimburse my gas money for driving over there for nothing????


  1. That is SO crazy! You would think the bank personnel would know the procedure for giving out money for a car loan. Come on! I hope they deliver the check to you tomorrow with an apology. It is the very least they can do.

  2. How frustrating!! I hope everything gets sorted out and is taken care of easily and quickly tomorrow!

  3. I'm hoping that everything got sorted out!


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