Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec 2011 p+7

So here were are again, another p+7. I was a little nervous bc I did not follow the follicle with us this month due to not having a car. Then my peak day was delayed five days. My numbers were typical for me E118 and p14.8 both in the normal range so I will take it. I am taking supplements so I know that my progesterone would be single digits without it. Now another week to wait.

Other News:
My neighbor just annoyed me. She is usually a good neighbor so I am trying to keep that in mind. She rings my door bell to show me a new drain spout she had installed. You might think who cares? Well I live in a townhouse so my house is attached to hers. She should have discussed it with me first. We are supposed to get approval etc to make sure everything looks nice. She has a bad habit of not getting my permission. Now there is an ugly drain pipe on my side in my flower bed. She wanted to know if it was okay to move it a few inches further into my flower bed bc she did not want the water to drain out of my bed into her driveway. I told her no and that I was not happy it was in my flower bed. She said it was common property (we will see about that) and she could not have it in her driveway due to ice. I said my pipe is in my driveway and I get ice. Then she wanted to put up a board in the bed so the water would stay. I said no bc that would make the water back up in my house. ergh..The gutter guy rec a plastic tube that rolls up and unrolls when it rains. Does anyone have this? I googled it ..http://www.guttersupply.com/p-Rain-Drain.gstml
I want to sell my house soon so I do not need an ugly pipe. I guess in the spring I will have to plant something to cover it up.

Work is going better. I decided that if I can't beat em that I have to join em. I devised a master plan to make my situation better. I don't want to give away details yet, but so far my boss likes the plan. This will make it better for me and I will be able to live the changes. It was not my first pick but it is my second and it will be so much better then what I have now.


  1. No, I do not have one of those roll-up tubes, but I do believe I might in the near future ;).

  2. Living communally is so hard! I really don't understand neighbours sometimes!

  3. Oh man, my mom is in a townhome and her neighbors do some crazy stuff. It's tough.

  4. UGH for crappy neighbors. I hope that the lady removes the drain spout. Some people have all the nerve.
    I can't wait to hear about your work plan! I'm glad that things are looking up there and will not be a source of pain for you!


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