Sunday, December 4, 2011

Co-Q10 and CRVs

TTC News:
Yesterday I went online to buy more Co-Q10. A little birdie told me to make sure it does not interact with my blood thinners. (I have been taking co-Q10 since last January based on the RI's recommendation.) I have only been taking blood thinners since Sept. I did  a search and came up with the following.

It seems that they are saying that Co-Q10 will make your blood coagulate or thicken so it will go against the reason I am taking blood thinners. I am really glad that I checked. I did not order any more. I have mixed feelings about this discovery. I am mad that I possibly wasted a year of TTC since I have been taking it that long. I am glad that I found out bc maybe when I stop it will make the blood thinners work better and I will finally have success. Who knows? UGG it is so annoying that I have to check everything that I take for more than one issue, my ovulation, my immune system, and now my blood clotting issues.

Other News: I have been enjoying the rental too much. I have to give it back tomorrow. I still do not have a car so that means I have to get rides to work or continue to pay the rental fee. I am not really sure what I want, but I am going used so it makes it harder to be picky. I thought by the time I had to get another car I would have kids and need a car suited for that. My DH does not really think that I need the kind of car I want. It is rough to face the fact that I don't really need it now. I want a small suv like a honda CRV or something in that neighborhood. I could get one now and  be able to afford it or get something smaller and save some money.  I wanted this kind of car 10 years ago and could not afford it so I got a civic. Now 10 years later I can afford it.  I feel that I should just get what I want bc I am tired of waiting around. If I can't have kids, at least let me have a nice car.

I went online and saw some good deals. I am going to check some out and then see what the real deal will be. Hopefully I can get something this week.


  1. The CRV is one of the safest vehicles out there. I'd vote for getting what you want, us IF girls need a break!

  2. Oh my gosh! That totally STINKS that you've been down the wrong path on the Co-Q10. That has got to be so FRUSTRATING!!! I am always mad at myself when something like that happens, but its SO hard to be on top of everything, especially medicine, as its so confusing!
    I vote with JB to splurge a little and get you something you enjoy that doesn't break the bank. :-)

  3. Arrgh, sorry, I know, checking everything is a PIA!! But when it comes to blood thinners, you must be careful!!! Sending hugs!


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