Sunday, December 11, 2011

Royal Blue

Yesterday the car salesman offered to meet us half way since he is 30 min away from us. We met at a shopping center with a loop around it bc I thought it would be easy to do the test drive. We met at a restaurant that was not open yet so that lot was empty. We met him and saw the car in person for the first time. The outside looked great. It is Royal Blue. The only small issue was the color of the interior. It was a light tan, so I can only imagine the potential stains. I cannot get caught up with that since I am buying used and the price, mileage, and year are all great. I figured I would just stock up on car cleaner, get some seat covers etc. Then we drove it around. It was really easy to drive. I was in love.

He went over all of the buttons and switches. Newer cars now have a mp3 jack so I can hook up my ipod in the car. My first car 1989 came with a tape player. LOL so I had to install a 10 disk cd player in the back. It was very pricey when I bought it, so I took it out and transferred it to my second car 1997 which also came with a tape player. Wow I thought 10 cds were great, now my ipod has over 50 and I have only filled 1/3 of its capacity. Later on I went home and dusted off my ipod. I burned more of my cd into I tunes and created some playlists. I had to order a cable to connect the ipod to the car.

There were so many buttons that I had to ask him what they were for. Then he says oh that is for child safety seats. You look under there and see a metal clip. He said that is where you hook the seat to. Hmmm I don't think my last car had them but then I never looked either. So I am not sure how I would have hooked a car seat in. I remember in the past when I babysat just using a seat belt but who knows?? He goes on to tell me how safe this car is for children etc.

We loved the car and decided to get it. YEAH I finally have a car after 3 weeks. I get to pick it up on Monday. Yeah.

My DH and I go to home depot on the way back. We start to talk about the car. I mentioned to him that I felt sad about buying a car that was safe for children when I can't have any. Then he turns to me and says maybe God did not want us to have children until we had a safe car. That is when I started to cry. He did not expect that one. I told him that I didn't either.In fact writing about it now is making me cry again.

I have decided that I really wanted that car and I am going to enjoy it whether or not I have children. I can't live my life with what ifs anymore. I have to move forward and enjoy life. It is great to have something to look forward to that I can really enjoy. I waited 10 years for this and even though I did not think about it every day for those 10 years it is great to feel like I accomplished something.

I got a new phone last month, new car this month, what is next?? I am hoping to sell my house in the spring. oh and of course a baby would be nice....just saying in case you did not know.


  1. Congratulations on the new wheels! You are so right about not living with "what ifs." I hope that your dh is right about God wanting a safe car for your babies!

  2. Congrats on the new car! I love playing with all the new buttons / features that I didn't previously have ... like keyless entry, lighted mirrors, access to the trunk ... as you can tell, my prior cars were pretty ghetto. :-)
    Your DH is so sweet ... such a nice comment ... and I'm praying it is a true one! God is setting up something wonderful for you, I just know it. And now you can enjoy the "ride"!


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