Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My New Car and TTC update

Last night I could not sleep due to the anxiety of not getting my car  and the unknown of today. My DH also had  a cold so he kept me up. I got a ride to school again from my BFF. I called the car buyers helpline and asked them about the checks. They said the bank should have given me two checks. She called over there and had them get my check ready for me to pick up.

I went over and asked to speak to the branch manager. She had my check ready at the front desk. I explained to her how I was embarrassed and inconvenienced since I had to get a ride over there. She was very nice and immediately apologized and admitted fault. She said that the bank will be calling me to issue me a gas card. Oh Yeah.I expressed my gratitude and mentioned that I have been a loyal customer and I usually get good service.

I took my check over the the dealer and picked up my car. She is beautiful. They gave her a wash and wax and buffed out the small scratches. He went over the car with me to make sure I knew how to work it. I loved driving it. It is so comfortable. I love it.

TTC News:
I have not really had much news this month. I started the cycle and then my car died. I probably should have just sat this one out, but I had already started the AB so I thought I should keep going. I did not have a car so I could not go to any monitoring appointments. I did not get  baseline and I did not monitor the follicle. I am very regular and I usually get a +OPK when the follicle is mature so I was not too worried.

I did my charting and watched my opk. I usually get a + around CD15. This time CD15 came and went. I started to panic since I had no idea what was going on in there. I checked my charts and for the past year I have been right around cd15 so this was really abnormal. My first thought was that since I stopped the co-Q10 for the first time in a year,  maybe it was making me more regular and I jsut messed that up. Then I thought about stress and how not having a car is stressful so that could be messing me up. I tried not to stress but that never helps. Finally last night CD19 I got a  +opk, so I knew that I was ok. I took my trigger shot and today I got a super dark opk. 


  1. Congrats on the new wheels! Must be such a relief to be driving a reliable vehicle!

    Stress can affect your cycle so much. As someone with the same chart forever, I ovulated super late when I did my pre-op monitoring. Better late than never, right?

  2. I'm so glad the bank compensated you (a little) and got you a gas card. And ... I'm happy she acknowledged and apologized for the mistake. Enjoy your new car!!! :-)
    I'm glad you ovulated later than not at all. You've been super-stressed this month, I know!

  3. I'm happy for you for getting your new car. It seems there would be no more sleepless nights for you then, now that you finally have it. I hope you post a picture of her. How was the first drive with her? By the way, what color does she wear?

  4. Well, at least the bank compensated for their mistake. Sometimes, mistakes can't be avoided, and receiving a sincere apology would at least lessen the emotional damage. BTW, good luck on your new car. Always ride safe. :)


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