Thursday, December 8, 2011

How I met your Mother

 Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother?

I am not sure how I feel about the last episode. The one before it ended with Robin announcing a surprise pregnancy. Of course I was like oh no not another oops baby on TV. Then this week they turned it around. She was not pregnant and then she finds out that she cannot ever have a baby. They did  not give an explanation and she had no idea. In fact she said she was very regular.

At first, I felt sad for her and I actually cried. She goes into a baby store with her pregnant friend and she is really sad about her IF. Then she decides not to tell anyone. I thought it was really sad that she had no support and felt that she needed to hide it

Then I got mad at her bc she kept saying that she never wanted to have kids anyway and they would only get in her way etc. I am not sure if that was her way of dealing with the loss or if she really felt that way. At the end of the episode the narrator makes some comments about how she became very successful etc.and made it sound like she never had kids.

I would like to know your thoughts. I was shocked that they threw IF into the story line. Then I was happy to see it be brought out into the open onto TV. Then I was mad that the story ended in one episode and they made it seem like oh well if you can't have kids then you will be happy with your busy career. I would have liked to see more about her dealing with it. Getting support. Telling her boyfriend etc.

I do not know if this will be the end of the storyline but they sure made it seem like it. I remember vaguely back awhile Lily and Marshal could not conceive right away.  They did not really go through too much but I was happy to see the story line.

I feel like the show is trying, but I also feel like I should write them a letter. How many episodes are dedicated to Lily and her pregnancy? I feel that Robin's IF should get more than one.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I LOVE that show and actually cried when Lilly got pregnant but I missed this one. I'll have to watch it online. I wish more shows would talk about infertility since it effects sooooo many of us.

  2. I'm a recent fan of HIMYM and I was taken aback by the recent episode. Mr JB was watching with me and he was like, "Isn't this supposed to be a comedy?"

    Quite a few shows have dealt with IF, Parenthood and Brothers and Sisters are the first to come to mind. The latter did a fantastic job dealing with it.

    Since HIMYM is a comedy I didn't expect them to delve too deeply into it, but it was a nice "shout-out" to those of us that are IF. I was so sad when her kids disappeared at the end!

  3. i didn't see this episode but i did witness something like this in real life. i had a friend who i knew was 'trying' - as in went off the pill on her wedding day and was in the doctor's office 3 months later when she didn't have a period because she was "older" (28) getting tested and having her husband's sperm tested. months later i was trying to find some common ground with her since i knew her and wanted to talk to someone in real life and she just kept denying that it bothered her and that she knew she could have a complete life without kids..which was so contradictory to someone who was in the doctor's office 3 MONTHS after not ovulating, come on. i could tell it was a wall she built up to just prevent herself from showing vulnerability and it was really hard to talk to her after that, i didn't. she later got pregnant and now her kid is nearing a year old. i've talked to her once since then and she said "i guess being a mom is amazing, but not being a mom was amazing too. i didn't need this." to which i just scratch my head. there's no way I believe her now, ha. anyway, i don't know if that was like the episode but maybe i should go back to watch it.

  4. I haven't seen the show at all ... or Parenthood or Brothers & Sisters. Perhaps I should. :-) I'm just glad they are putting infertility out there! There are so many of us affected and I hope it will make others realize it.

  5. As someone who struggled with infertility for the past five years, the episode touched me. To tell the truth, I actually teared up several times during this episode. It did not go to the medical explanation stuff, which was good - this is not "house" and it is not supposed to give medical information to the public. Instead, the screenwriters went straight to the heart, to ambivalent emotions about pregnant friends, to longing for something you might never have and which could have made your life complete, to the shock of receiving such news when there's no outward sign of any problem, to an unexpected tremendous grief, and to the questioning whether a good life is possible without children. I would recommend this episode to all friends and family relations of people suffering from IF, to help them understand us better. (And also, to all IFs, just because every once in a while we need a good cathartic cry).

  6. I just hope they continue the reality of IF. I can see in a year or so them putting in an episode of her adopting then getting pregnant (a la SitC) or getting pregnant when she didn't think she could, etc. Even going through one round of IVF and getting pg isn't the reality for the rest of us.


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